Why HoleHat?


Of the top four injuries that lead to fatalities in the construction industry, “falls” account for a greater percentage than the next 3 injuries combined. A fall hazard is created when maintenance, cleaning, and inspection work is done via the open utility manhole. Holehat is the temporary cover that eliminates this hazard. The unit is lightweight, portable, and simple to use. Field personnel can maintain a safe working environment for themselves and pedestrians while performing required tasks. More reasons why you need Holehat:

§  Holehat provides a raised visual deterrent and fall protection in one unit.

§  The safety cover fits 24” and 30” round manholes.

§  The retractable cover makes the unit portable while allowing for hoses upto 8-in to be used with the cover still over the manhole.

§  Will make utility/agency compliant with OSHA 1926.501(b)(4)(i).

§  Designed to exceed OSHA 1926.502(i)(2).

§  The most violated OSHA standard is fall protection. For the Year 2014 to 2015 there were 7,300 fines for non-compliance under OSHA 1926.502 at an average of $3,250.

§  OSHA has raised fines for violations 78% effective August 1, 2016.

§  Falls account for the greatest number of fatalities in the workplace and have an average cost of $41,393, fatalities costing $1,390,000. (National Safety Council, 2013).

§  Very long design life. Holehat will provide many years of fall protection giving the agency the ability to capitalize the safety expense over multiple years.





Easy to use and unlike any other product out there.


The Holehat is a lightweight aluminum ring with a retractable cover that is placed into open 24’ -30” round manhole openings to provide a visual aid and fall protection. Constructed with high strength materials (6061 T6 aluminum and Cordura Nylon) the Holehat will have many years of service. 



Step 1


Place the Holehat in the center of the manhole. The Holehat should should be flush with the existing grade when the ring insert is centered inside the manhole. 

Step 2

choose position

From the side of the Holehat (not reaching across the open manhole), use the handle located on the bonnet cover to position the cover in one of the two closed positions: Position 1 = 50% Closed Position 2 = 75% Closed


Step 3


Use the spring loaded locking latch to secure the cover into the desire position. Check to ensure it is locked. 

Step 4


The rolling wheel can be used to prevent scratching of hoses and maintenance equipment. 

Made in the USA.


The HoleHat is made using only the highest quality parts and materials. Guaranteed to last for years.




  • Made in the USA!

  • High strength aluminum frame and arches.

  • Lightweight and portable (28-lbs).

  • Slip resistant diamond plate cover.

  • Retractable and durable bonnet cover made of 1000 Denier coated CORDURA nylon.

  • Reflective strips for high visibility during day and nighttime use.

  • 4-inch roller wheel to prevent damage to hoses/cables

  • 2,000-lb shear rated spring loaded locking pin.

  • Large handles can be used with gloves.

  • Can be used on 24-in and 30-in round manhole openings. Insert OD=23-in.